The 17 most breathtaking photos of partners during delivery

Husband holds wife from behind during labor and childbirth
Photo credit: Apiary Photography

A strong and supportive birth partner is a major asset during labor and delivery. Partners are the backbones, the baby catchers, and sometimes even the hands that help hold birthing mommas up. There's no doubt women can (and do!) give birth completely alone, but there's something magical about seeing the two people who made and dreamed about a baby work together to bring that child earthside.

We've collected the best photos of partners during labor and delivery that showcase the strength, compassion, excitement, tenderness, and love between them as they do the birth dance and meet the person that will make them a family.

black and white image of man holding woman while she gives birth

“There is a phase in labor, appropriately called transition, where a woman will meet her breaking point. She'll feel as though she can't go on, and she is right. The maiden in her is not strong enough for the task at hand. It's during this time that the maiden in her dies so that the woman can be reborn as a mother, with her child. A new, more capable version of herself with far more strength than she has ever known.” – Unknown | The House of Wild, New York

pregnant woman in medical setting holding husband

Throughout her delivery, her partner remained strong by her side. Unwavering. Through all the beeping, the poking, and the prodding, he was there, holding her hand. | Memories by Makenzie, New York

man with tattoos supports woman in labor

Through her long labor, they had an unbreakable bond. This was their rainbow baby after a late loss the previous year. He supported her through every contraction and held her close when she chose an epidural. Her head rested on his shoulder, against the tattoo he got in honor of their angel baby. And when they finally got to meet their perfect baby boy, they welcomed him knowing they had done it together. | Wild Ember Birth, Montana

man with tattoo sleeve embraces pregnant woman in birthing tub

Born on Mother's Day, this darling little girl's first moments of life were spent feeling both of her parent's love. Daddy watched in awe as his partner stepped up to a new level of strength. He embraced her, holding the three of them together as a family as Mom held their daughter for the first time. | Leah Christine Photographer,  California

bearded white man supports pregnant black woman in birthing tub

Birth is transcendent, psychedelic, and holy. The connection, the strength, and the love is obvious between these partners in the moment after this momma brought their child earthside. | When a Belly Blooms, Oregon

family gathers around woman and just-delivered newborn baby

Catching a baby was once reserved for medical professionals, but these days you'll find more partners being the first to touch the baby. What an incredible honor! | Raleigh Birth Photography, North Carolina

shirtless man puts supporting hand on laboring woman

Labor support can be physical, emotional, verbal, or spiritual. Skin-to-skin contact helps the mother relax, and touch helps give her something to focus on during the waves of contractions. A simple touch can mean so many things. | Lisa Phillips Photo, Virginia

man waits to catch newborn baby

When medical professionals and partners join together to deliver a baby, it's pure magic. | Olive Juice Lifestyle, Australia

mirror image of man and laboring woman in shower

Birth can leave us open and vulnerable, but it can also show us the parts of ourselves that we never knew existed. Finding the space to trust and let go, so that your body and baby can work together. In the depths of labor, dancing between power and surrender, we discover strength and our deep connection to our partners and ourselves. | Martha Grace Birth Photography, Australia

tender moment between man and laboring woman in birthing tub

A quiet moment. A sacred moment. You can feel the pure love and tenderness radiating from this photo. He treated her like the goddess she is and there was something so unspeakably beautiful about that. | Bay Area Birth Photographer, California

laboring woman stands while man delivers baby

This photo, titled “Primal Shales of Birth” so eloquently captures a powerful, free birth. Giving birth at home without any intervention, the mother listened to her body, and her partner listened too, and tuned into what she needed. They worked together so easily. | Rewildher Birth, Australia

man snuggles laboring wife from behind

Sometimes birth doesn't always go exactly as planned. This second-time momma labored for hours at home, then was transferred to the hospital. Baby wasn't making his way down her pelvis, and after a few more hours, they decided a c-section was the best option. The strong arms of her partner wrapped around her and held her tight as she navigated the waves and the changing birth plan. A healthy 9-pound,12-ounce baby boy was born 24 hours after labor started. | Apiary Photography, Pennsylvania

woman labors in birthing tub on hands and knees

Her roars were echoing through their home. He kept steady pressure on her hips, doing all he could to help her through. They surrendered together to welcome their baby earthside.| Doula Maggie NYC, New York

man and woman embrace face to face in birthing tub

Together they embody the true essence of intrinsic trust: trust in the purpose, the divine timing, the inner knowing, and the power that lies within. Without question, without doubt, without fear. Together. | Kate Nel Birthkeeper, Australia

man in baseball cap holds laboring woman

A second-time momma labors with her partner as they wait for the anesthesiologist to arrive. This tender moment shows the deep connection they have as they cling to each other, working together to bring their second child into the world. | Amanada Gandy, Washington

man in striped shirt helps deliver wife

Catching your baby is like the cherry on top of an already delicious cake. Witnessing your partner tap into her most powerful energy to birth your child, then having the divine honor of helping that child make the transition to the world is next level.| Stages Family Services ,British Columbia

pregnant woman sits in man

Birth is a team effort in this photo, with her partner being the best possible human birth stool. Their heads are together, and both look down to witness his strong arms holding her up. Their midwife has perfect access to catch the baby. It doesn't get better than this! | Danica Donnelly,Colorado

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