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How big or small is your child?

Our growth percentile calculator reveals how your child's size compares with other boys or girls the same age. Just enter your child's weight, height (aka length), and head circumference, and we'll calculate a percentile for each. That's a number reflecting what percentage of kids is larger or smaller. Doctors watch these numbers over time to make sure your child is growing in a healthy way.

See your child's growth chart

We'll show you the percentiles on a growth chart, where you can save and track your child's measurements over time.

Note about age range: This tool is for kids under age 2 and is based on World Health Organization data specifically for kids in that age group. If your child is age 2 or older, you can enter measurements for any date up to your child's second birthday. And if you'd like, you can find out how tall your child is likely to be with our Child Height Predictor.

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