Tips for Safe Online Banking

Nowadays, more than half of adults worldwide bank online and according to research and almost a third of them bank through their mobile phone. Regardless of this popularity, it is important to ask if online banking is safe. Online banking is as secure as any other banking transaction despite concerns about identity theft. Below are online banking security tips to assure your money and identity is safe.

Change Your Password Regularly

Online banking customers are advised o change their passwords every three months to protect themselves. Never use a word alone but also include a combination of lower and upper case letters and special characters. Words are too simple to guess, especially if they are related to your personal information, for example, the street where you live, your mother’s maiden name or your pet’s name. The longer your password is, the better.

Refrain From Using Public Wi-Fi or Computers When Banking Online


Whenever you are using open Wi-Fi, you need to accept that somebody can get to your password through your browser history. So, whenever you are doing anything that requires you to sign in, for example, reading email or banking, you are putting yourself in danger. This applies regardless of whether you are using a password protected site or you have your email set up not to autosave your password after login.

Check Your Bank Statement Regularly


Keep track of your bank statement after every 30 days. Despite the fact that banks are highly equipped in recognizing fraud, especially with credit cards, they may not generally have the capacity to get each questionable transaction among each client, so you ought to review your statement monthly.

Use Licensed Anti-virus Software


Every computer user and the owner should invest in the best anti-virus software. Check your operating system updates frequently, or you can opt to set your computer automatically to alert you when new updates are available for example every Saturday or Sunday morning. You might want to check out professional web design software for mac