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Secret swimmer

Your baby is busy somersaulting and stretching, but you probably won't feel it until you're at least 16 weeks pregnant.

Starting to show?

Create a time-lapse record of your pregnancy by documenting your growing bump every few weeks.

Sharing your news

Start thinking about fun ways to let family and friends know and how to spread the word carefully at work.

11 weeks is how many months?

You're in your third month!

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Baby development at 11 weeks

You now have a fetus

Your baby is no longer called an embryo. This week is the beginning of the fetal period. All vital organs should be in place, and many have already started to function.

Boy or girl parts

By the end of this week, your baby's external genitals will start developing. In a few weeks, you'll be able to see on an ultrasound whether you're having a girl or a boy.

baby at start of fetal period
Your baby at 11 weeks Tap the plus for more details
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Your baby is about the size of a fig

1 ½
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Pregnancy symptoms during week 11

Feeling stopped up?

Constipation is common during pregnancy, due partly to hormonal changes, which can slow digestion. Sip water throughout the day and stay active to keep things moving.


You may begin to feel heartburn (also called acid indigestion), a burning sensation that often extends from the bottom of your breastbone to your lower throat. Many women get heartburn for the first time during pregnancy or find that it gets worse.

Don't see your symptom?

Wondering about a symptom you have? Find it on our pregnancy symptoms page.

fetus in womb at 11 weeks
Your body at 11 weeks Tap the plus for more details

Pregnancy checklist at 11 weeks pregnant

Learn about pregnancy weight gain

Don't worry if nausea has made it impossible for you to eat well or if you haven't put on much weight yet. If you start at a healthy weight, experts recommend gaining 1 to 5 pounds during the first trimester.

Build your support network

Other moms can offer advice and a deep understanding of what you're going through. Ask a friend to tell you about her best and worst pregnancy memories. Or reach out to moms in your BabyCenter Birth Club.

Avoid the wait

Schedule your prenatal checkups for first thing in the morning or the first appointment after lunch. There's no backlog of patients to get through so you're less likely to wait.

11 weeks pregnant bellies

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